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Teaching Position Opening Become Part of an Exciting New Project

We are looking for someone with the following skill set:
Native-level American-English conversational skills.
Outgoing personality, with good people skills.
Some natural musical/rhythmic sense (but need not be a trained musician).

Drawbridge Co. is creating an innovative new language program designed to teach English by developing an ear for the sounds and rhythms of natural American English. We have many decades of experience innovating unique, effective learning programs, such as our successful ArtLOFT drawing and painting programs for children and adults.
Applicants need not have a teaching certificate and need not have been raised with English as their first language. Anyone with the needed skills is welcome to apply. This is initially a teacher-training position, since our program is still undergoing development. It will require a unique combination and coordination of skills, for which we will provide the necessary training. This will not be a conventional, book-based language program, and has very little to do with teaching rules of grammar. If you are the type of person who enjoys being involved in a ground-breaking project and “thinking outside the box,” give us a call.(03-6902-2360)